Voice of the supervisory board

The Association of German Supervisory Board Members in the press

Our voice – and how we use it

The work of supervisory board members carries with it a great deal of responsibility. Time and again, we are confronted with regulatory efforts from Brussels and Berlin in addition to new proposals for the German Corporate Governance Code.

As supervisory board members, we want to actively shape the framework of our profession – advancing the discussion with press releases, statements, open letters, or direct dialog with decision-makers.

If we see the reputation of our profession threatened by the behavior of individual supervisory board members or committees, we get in direct contact with those responsible – without regard to personal standing.

With your membership, you help the voice of VARD become stronger and more resonant – not only to the benefit of corporate governance and Germany as an economic hub, but also in the interest of protecting and improving the reputation of you and your profession.