German Corporate Governance Institute

Why we launched the German Corporate Governance Institute (DGCI)

The demands on a professional supervisory board member are high – especially when it comes to basic business knowledge and continuing education. To address these needs, VARD initiated the German Corporate Governance Institute (DCGI) in 2015, which provides support for the work of supervisory board members based on the VARD professional principles.

How you benefit from what DGCI offers

As a VARD member, you enjoy special rates for DCGI services, including

  • The business administration self-test and the business administration certificate for supervisory board members
  • Innovative continuing education opportunities, tailor-made for supervisory board members (e-learning)
  • Support in the search for new board mandates
  • For companies: support in finding new supervisory board members
  • Events for networking and knowledge sharing, such as the GermanBoardConference (twice per year) and the “BoardLunch” (quarterly)
  • The DCGIBoardNews as a current and critical source of information (in an email every Friday, free of charge)