Supervisory board certificate

Potenzialentdecker gesucht!

Potenzialentdecker gesucht!

Lifelong learning: „Supervisory board certificate“

In theory, any person of legal age and legal capacity can become a member of the supervisory board; the letter of the law does not require more. However, today’s practice places high demands on the basic economic knowledge of the Supervisory Board.  Because the more of this basic knowledge is available in a committee, the better the cooperation with the Management Board and the Supervisory Board will work, because everyone meets at eye level and speaks the same language.

Even if so far neither the law nor practice prescribe a standardized examination or a supervisory board driving licence, it has nevertheless developed as best practice that every supervisory board – on its own responsibility and for itself – has its basic economic knowledge tested.

The supervisory board certificate program developed with the University of Hamburg (Prof. Carl-Christian Freidank) is based on the F.A.Z. book “Der professionelle Aufsichtsrat – das betriebswirtschaftliche Grundlagen’) and a cost and time-saving online e-learning tool. This offers more than 278 minutes of e-learning material and covers all business management topics relevant from the perspective of the Supervisory Board, including the following nine modules:


Modul 1: Corporate Governance
Modul 2: Strategy
Modul 3: Controlling
Modul 4: Compliance
Modul 5: Accounting
Modul 6: Business taxes
Modul 7: Finance
Modul 8: Financial reporting
Modul 9: Risk management

The examination, which consists of 108 questions on the above 9 topics, is taken in the form of a multiple-choice test at the DCGI office in Düsseldorf. Please contact us for further information.

NOTE: In order to pass the examination for the’Supervisory Board Certificate’, you do not have to have completed the e-learning programme – even if it is recommended. You can also go directly to the exam.