Our mission statement: The VARD professional standards

Our mission statement – and what it means for you

Anyone looking to become a member of a supervisory board is not (currently) required to meet any legal requirements. This is good, and in our opinion, it should stay that way.

Nevertheless, we strongly believe that serving on a supervisory board is not only a calling, but also a job. This means we need clear guiding principles, the same as any other job. At the heart of our guiding principles are the VARD professional standards, which we use to form a new understanding of supervisory board member profession.

They are not designed to be restrictive, but to serve as guardrails for supervisory and advisory board members who take their job seriously and conduct themselves professionally.

Your VARD membership sends a clear signal that you recognize these professional standards – and the professional behavior, independence, and good corporate governance that go along with them.
This strengthens your profile as a supervisory board member and improves your changes fur future mandates.

VARD – Principles
for Supervisory Board Members in Germany (VARD-BG)

– February 28, 2013 –

The following principles are acknowledged by the members of the “Vereinigung der
Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland e.V. (VARD)“ as guidelines for their role as member of the
Supervisory board. The term Supervisory Board Member is thereby used as occupa-
tional title as well for members of the advisory board and members of the administra-
tive board.


The Supervisory Board Member pursues its profession in a professional, independent
and self determined manner, insofar as it is not particularly obliged by law. The Super-
visory Board Member may only exercise its profession in addition to another profes-
sion, if it is able to fulfill its mandate and the obligations undertaken professionally at
any time. While performing its duties, the Supervisory Board Member is solely commit-
ted to the well-being of the company.