Articles of Association

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Articles of Association „Vereinigung der Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland “

§ 1 Name, Seat, Fiscal Year

(1) The Association will have the name „Vereinigung der Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland e.V.“ ( VARD)
(Association of Board Members in Germany).

(2) The Association will have its seat in Düsseldorf.

(3) The fiscal year will be the calendar year.


§ 2 Purpose of the Association

(1) The goal of the Association is to contribute to improving the quality of Supervisory Board work
with the ultimate goal of establishing Supervisory Board work as a profession and to develop working
principles for this purpose. The Association will also represent the profession in discussions with poli-
tics, the scientific community, the media and in the public arena and will promote international co-
operation in the Corporate Governance area from the Supervisory Board perspective.