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We are an independent initiative of more than 100 supervisory board members.

We have set the goal to improve Corporate Governance in Germany.

Learn more about our objectives, our mission statement and the VARD- professional standards.

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Who can become a VARD-member?

Everyone who meets our statutory requirements can become a member. You can either make an application or wait for our invitation on the basis of the recommendation of VARD-members. You can become a member if you

  • are a member of a supervisory board, advisory board or administrative board of directors on the date of application,
  • have been a member of a supervisory board in the past 12 months,
  • are executive board in a company that is oriented towards the capital market for at least 5 years,

and soon also if you

  • have the “Supervisory Board Certificate of the GermanBoardAcademy by “Deutsches Corporate Governance Institut” or
  • are recommended by at least 3 VARD-members.

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